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ICEYLI Facial Cupping Set, Silicone Massage Cups, Eye and Face Vacuum Massage Cup Kit with Silicone Exfoliating Brush, Perfect for Body and Facial Care, Anti-aging Beauty Tool

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1.Soft, flexible, and safe silicone cups,include 2Pcs mini cups for the eyes, nose and other small arc areas, 2pcs regular cups for the entire face.
2.Improves blood circulation: silicone facial cupping can lift up your skin, make your fine lines smooth again; silicone cupping massage increases blood flow as suction is applied, which will help redefine your facial contours.
3.These cups provide strong suction to prevent falling off during use.durable and easy-to-clean,high temperature resistance 250℃. It is widely used in family personal care, physical therapy, beauty, etc.

Cellulite cupping sets massaging schemes for face
For these exercises, you can either use the two Mini Facial cups working at the same time on each side of the face; Or use just one cup treating alternatively the left and right side of the face.Repeat each of the below movements 3-4 times on each side. All movements should be starting from a low position and directed upwards on the face.

Central Part of the Face: Start from the corners of the mouth and move to the bottom of the ear. At the center of the cheeks, you can slow down for a while.

Cheeks and Cheekbones: Do the massage movements with open mouth (“O” sound). Move the suction cup from the middle of the cheek (at level of the base of the nose) to the corner of the lips and then to the upper end of the earlobe and then backwards.

Under the Chin: To remove fat deposits, put the suction cup under your chin and slide smoothly with circular movements. Try not to use sharp pulls. Then just slide under the jaw arch in both directions.

Simple and convenience: with strong suction, these cups are easy to absorb without falling off; Simple to use,Small size, light weight, easy to carry, cupping can be made anytime and anywhere.
This cupping kit includes: 2 large cups for face, neck,shoulders and back, 2 small cups for under-eye area, lips & nasolabial fold, facial cups massage removes wrinkles and tightens wrinkly sagging skin; 1 exfoliating facial brush for deep cleansing,can be applied daily for deep cleaning .
Face suction cups for your face helps prevent early aging and wrinkles, relax and relief headaches and migraines. Tone and sculpt your skin, give it the elasticity and detoxify with this easy-to-use small cupping set. To see first results, use consistently with your favorite skin care product (oil, moisturizer, serum) for at least 4-6 weeks, 10-15 minutes daily.
High-quality cupping for massage of face, neck and body,reduce back, shoulder and neck muscle and joint pain and pressure,help to regulate facial skin and muscles, clean facial pores, improve blood circulation and smooth wrinkles.



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